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Dragonfly Bise 115 Kite Stunt

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Delta - 115x60cm - 2 Lijns
Dragonfly Bise 115 Kite Stunt
Show your kite arts with this dragonfly Dragon Fly . The kite is super sturdy and stable, making it easy to reach high heights. The flyer is easy to fold and is included with the included bag. The kite comes with two kite rings with each 40 meter polyester line.

Gender: Junior
Age 6 years and over
Color: black, white, pink, petrol
Material fabric: polyamide
Material sticks: fiberglass
Dimensions: 115 x 50 cm (L x B)
Suitable for a wind of 2 to 5 Beaufort

1 Kite
1 carrying case
2 rings with cord

Prijs: € 19,99 €16,99

Dragonfly Bise 115 Kite Stunt



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